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Kabarnet Mineral Water is a rare discovery, after several years of relentless search.

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Kabarnet 500MLThe discovery was made in the lofty highlands of The Great Rift Valley. The water source was naturally found at the foothill of Mount Elgon near Kitale town. The natural pure taste was so appealing that scores of well-wishers and supporters of the brand complimented them to set up a bottling plant. In response to this demand, a state-of-the art bottling plant was established at the source. This ensured the water is bottled at the highest quality, in its natural state.

 Why us?

Kabarnet water is bottled at source under strict hygienic conditions conforming to International World Health Organization (WHO) Standards. The impressive quality has made the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) award Kabarnet Water with the prestigious Diamond Mark of Quality. Further, Kabarnet Mineral Water is set to bag the International Organization Standardization’s  ISO 9001 achievement soon. To support this achievement, a modern laboratory facility has been commissioned to analyze both chemical and Micro-biological parameters.


Kabarnet Mineral Water Company Limited has been recognized by Kenya Revenue Authority among the 28 only companies duly licensed to bottle water in Kenya.Click Here for Full List!


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diamond mark of quality

Kabarnet Mineral Water promises to remain the “First choice” to all its fans out there. To support this success we have empowered a fully dedicated and qualified team.


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